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Antz Spring

JDAbenaza / Zeenoh Games

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Sweet particles are scattered all over the place and it would be a shame to let them go to waste. Help our little ant friend collect those and turn them into tasty and delicious treats!

Antz Spring is an objective and puzzle type of game which goal is to collect colorful sweet particles, sugar blocks, donuts, fruits and all sorts of sweet delights. Collecting those sweet particles is made harder with limited taps available.

On each level, you need to swipe and match 3 or more sweet particles of the same to produce sugar blocks. As you match those sugar blocks, it will turn into a donut. With the donut, you can create a bomb that would boost your score that will advance you to the next level. Though, reaching it would not be easy. The limited spring our ant friend would make players think wisely before they tap.

Tap your way through 10 levels in each area with different puzzles and surprises that awaits you. Would your good decision be the key to collect the sweetest treats in town? Play to find out!


"The game is interesting and the characters are cute" - Gamefounders

"We think its cute but would be nice to see it as an independent game" - Rovio Stars

" Very nice to see the ant jumping using the spring" - Game Insights

************************************************************************************** Added In-app purchase
* New level selection which is Area 2
* Levels is now 1 - 20

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