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Elf Tribe


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"Elf tribe" is a war theme of the game, in the game, players need to build a strong team , including elves sword disabilities, big, gunner , doctors, soldiers and high-tech weapons , the formation of a good team when players can start their own war tour.
Providing more than 79 single tribal gaming, you can set up according to your taste different troops to accomplish the mission in the game can be upgraded skills, weapons and construction to improve their medical and other combat .
Camp - equivalent to the national headquarters of each of the other building upgrades are associated with this camp , camp up every time there are more resources to upgrade buildings, turret construction , the basic building escalating.
Resources Building - St. syrup manufacturing plant, holy medicine reservoir , gold , treasury and so on.
Turret - including stone tower , the current tower, fire tower, three cannons , guns , etc. Frostbolt
Institute - Upgrade Wizard Equipment
Walls - stop enemy attack
Barracks - Army concentrated
Training Department - military production
Workers Market - recruit construction workers, handyman , etc.
Various construction can accelerate the completion time of purchase .
Gorgeous game interface, rich strategic choice
Support for multiple languages ​​in the country set up inside the switch .

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