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Hollywood Hospital 3 - Cure your VIP patients and stay away from gossip and scandal!

SudhakerSudhaker / Zed Worldwide

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Emergency Call for the showbiz doctors!
Manage the most glamorous hospital in the world.
Accidents and mishaps keep plaguing Hollywood’s movie studios!
Hot on the disaster trail, H!TV’s Priscilla Powers reports from film sets, as the hapless A-list victims are rushed to Dr Storm’s casualty department.

Use your time-management skills to help Dr Storm, award-winning Surgeon at Hollywood Hospital, and his crack team of super-smart medical to treat each patient, star and wannabe.
Admit and treat the larger than life characters swiftly; else they will storm out fuming!

Manage and build up your very own hospital in glitzy Hollywood. Purchase and upgrade facilities. Hire and train staff to keep your VIP clientele happy and healthy.

• Loads of new hilarious characters
• New state of the art facilities and equipment
• More sidesplitting treatments and operations
• 3 Movie genre themed wards
• Rich graphics and audio

Controls and Instructions:
Tap the character to select it. Once selected, tap the destination to send the patient.
Tap on H$ icon in the shop to purchase new equipment and upgrades.
Play tutorial for detailed instructions.Bug fixes and gameplay improvements.

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