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Jurassic Dino Defense


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At a town in Mesozoic Era, after the sky is darkened with big bolide,
dinosaurs which was coexisting with human being peacefully all of sudden attack the people.

In order to survive, people in town try to protect the town with the mayor ‘white hair’,
and they found ‘Snake eye’ who was stunned at the mouth of the town by chance.

‘Snake eye’ heard the story and he enters into the war with dinosaurs with the village people.

Main characteristics

◀ 75 kinds of various defense towers available through various upgrades based on 5 kinds of tower skills, cannons, catapults, ballistas, flame thrower and boomerang

◀ three themes consist of plains, snow-capped mountains, lava and a total of 45 different stages

◀ puzzle elements enhanced by the combination of various types of road map and things

◀ endless mode and ranking registration with predetermined ways and the ways the player will make on its own

◀ layout and operation strategically is possible through selling and moving the arranged tower.

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