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Frisbee Dog

InterSETResearch and Solution

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A girl who loves her dog is competing with her lovely dog to get the prize of Frisbee Dog competition for this year. But to get the first prize is not that easy, there are many enemies on the way. The competition courses are hometown, beach, city and railway.
Winning this competition depends on every dog lover.

Players have to control their dog's speed of running by holding the fingers on the left side of the screen to raise the speed, and on the right side of the screen to jump over obstacles. Anyhow, dogs can stomp on some enemies.

Free to play, in game items require payment for endless game challenges high score with friends.


* Various cute dogs to select.
* Many costumes to decorate your dog.
* Cool Power up discs.
* Cool Ball Items helper.
* Many in-game quests.
* Game Center Leaderboard.- fixed Bug

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