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Portal Prisoner

ahmet cemkaya


Portal Prisoner is a 8-bit puzzle-adventure game.
Our inspiration was Valve's Game "PORTAL"
Note: This is open beta version, We will improve our game in next days thank you.
Story of the Game
In very far planet these little creatures lives. There is a very very big mountain on this planet. They think it's cursed place so nobody dare to go there. Although Alkila was really really wondering that mountain. He thinks it should be just mountain nothing else!
Then he decides to go there without telling anybody even his wife. After long walk. He managed to go to the top of the mountain. He found a cave and he entered. There was a big rock table and top of it there was a device which is really unusual for him. He took it then suddenly device start working. He scared drop the gun down, try to run away. but he couldn't. Device opened big portal and he got in.
His wife had waited him for days. Then she decided to search for him. She went up that scary mountain and she found the same cave. Then she found big screen and there was a sentence "I got your husband. There is one way to save him." She scared and Asked him " How ? " And portal device answered "You are gonna play a game!" ALKILA's And Her Wife's STORY BEGINS HERE

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