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ABC Bubbles


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Featured as "A Little Gem" on the AppStore by T3ME magazine.
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5/5 Stars on the AppStore.

This is the most child-friendly game you can find on the store. No in-app purchases, no social networks, no distractions! The game teaches letters, so we removed all written words from the game, even the name of the game! We only wrote the letters to learn. This makes the game suitable even for your youngest child. While having fun in a friendly relaxing atmosphere, your child will learn letters quickly.

- 100% child-friendly: no in-app purchases, no social networks, no distractions!
- Focus on teaching letters: we removed all written words except the letters that your child will learn. Very simple and not confusing!
- A totally relaxing atmosphere for your child to learn. There is no score and no way to lose. Just plain simple fun while learning!
- Friendly fun voices for each letter with the cutest animations of animals and objects. The animals are so cute, that even you will want to hug them :)
- Two games in one: When your child taps the left part of the screen, she or he can play the first game with a different animation and voice for each letter. When your child taps on the right part of the screen, he or she can play the second game with a different music note and dance for each letter.
- Popping bubbles is a lot of fun, even for adults :) Your child will want to pop more and more bubbles to see fun animations and hear a friendly child voice for each letter. Learning is faster with motivation!
- Focus on quality: awesome graphics and no crashes. Your child deserves the best!

- Your child pops bubbles that are dancing to music.
- In the first game, order is important. When your child pops the next letter in the alphabet, it lands on a flower and a fun animation with cute voices plays. Hint: The next letter in the alphabet always dances with the rhythm of the music, the other letters do not.
- In the second game, order is not important. When your child pops any bubble, it goes to its correct position on the flowers and a cute star character dances to the music. Each letter sings a part of the ABC song. When your child pops all the letters of the alphabet, she or he hears the full ABC song while the star dances. A lot of fun to watch! :)

If you want to know even more about why your child will love this game while learning the alphabet, check out our website where you can watch a video summary of the gameplay. But why watch a video when you can download the app right now, and see immediately how your child will start smiling and giggling while playing it :)

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