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Get a Monster on your homescreen!

WakiMon grows into various transformations according to the user's phone/text usage.
You can always check the new monsters through widget.
Try using widget with various extra features.

°fl features
- 34 lovely monsters you can collect.
- 2x2 / 2x1 sized widget with time, battery, weather, cpu/mem usage info.
- If you hard to earn points, get additional solts and Double point Item.
Maybe you can find some special stuffs in app, too.
- More monsters and useful functions are coming!

°fl Caution
- Not supported on Adroid OS ver.2.30 or less.
- It may not be possible to take the text usage depending on your device.
Try these sms apps : Handsent / GoSMS

°fl Keywords
- monster / grow / evolution / collection / widget / weather / time / battery / cpu / ram / soldalab

°fl BGM : Play With Me (by AG Music) _ from Melodyloops

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