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Splash Back


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Splash Back is puzzle game, same as game Backsplash tile.
You start the game with 10 drops water. Add them to the cells to grow blobs that will eventually burst when large enough. Clear the entire screen of blobs to get to the next level. Earn more drops by creating combos.

Splash Back:

Object of this fun puzzle game is to get all of the globs off the screen by pumping certain ones up and taking the rest out. You start with 10 drops water in your tank. Touch on the blobs so that they grow until they burst. Create combos to earn more drops water.

How many levels can you clear. Alon Taylor cleared 62 levels. Can anyone beat that? Have fun!

Play Splash Back now !!!

Feature of Splash Back:
+ Save for battery life
+ Game play of Splash Back is very simple, but it is very interesting
+ Beautiful graphics.
+ Sound and music are gentle and easy-listening
+ The number of level is unlimited
+ You can adjust the volume of sound and music in Option Screen.
+ Help screen provided all infomation ablout: how to play game, option in game splash back (or Backsplash tile)

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