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MineSweeper Touch - Play by your finger

ltgbaultgbau / SkyPaw Co.,Ltd

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The famous and classic MineSweeper is now best upgraded for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. You are still in the race with time to avoid the “BOOM” sound and to flag all the mines under blank squares. This game has features to help your hand movements on touch screens catch up with your fast calculating mind and can be played as fast as using mouse on PC.

Basic features:

- Support 3 traditional levels: EASY, MEDIUM, HARD and CUSTOM level with board size up to 72 x 72

- Pretty graphics with cool animations and sound effects

- Game Center supported with global leaderboards showing fastest games

- Local statistics: best time, number of wins and losses

- First touch guaranteed not to hit a mine always opens a range of squares

- Automatic save the game and resume later when you exit the app or receive phone calls

- Timer and mine counter

Specially, MineSweeper Touch provides many other superior features to all other apps:

- Optimized and fastest game play, careful designed just for touch devices:

- Pinch to zoom-in the board at 3 levels: 1x, 1.5x and 2x. This allows you never get tapped on the wrong squares, also for better visualization. Even better, the zoom-in does not scale up and effect to the graphic quality

- Preview mode: help you get a quick look at the whole board at any time, extremely helpful for large board size of hard level

- Tap & hold to drop a flag: help you play much faster. Once get used to it, you'll know how to double your speed

- Tap a number to clear squares around it. You know it, for high scorers, speed is everything and this is just another way to speed up

- Custom level with up to board size of 72 x 72

- Smoothest and fastest interface by taking advantage of OpenGL technology using Cocos2d game engine

- Smart design, beautiful graphics and exciting sound effects

- Retinal ready, just more beautiful on iPhone4/4S and the new iPad

- Universal binary, download once and it runs beautifully both on iPhone and iPad

For more information and products, visit Turn off "auto centering" pan feature as by requested feedback. It will now only work when tapping on a mine so that all surround squares can be seen.

- Some minor fixes and improvements

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