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NixGrant / The Indie App Cartel, LLC.

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Keep your chick rocking as long as you can by tilting your screen back and forth to avoid the falling rocks as long as you can. You'll find the game is powerfully addicting! Challenge yourself and your friends through Game Center. See who can keep this Chick Rocking longer than anyone.
- All new Hi-Definition Graphics!
- Created with Cocos2dx - It Rocks!
I hope y'all enjoy keeping this Chick Rockin' for as long as you can. While your at it, why not take a minute to learn about the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund by clicking on the safari links in the game. You might find yourself wanting to donate your time, money, or even the iPhone/iPad game you developed to help out this non-profit organization. Let's all work to keep the Chicks we know and love fighting this disease continue to Rock On!!!
In loving Memory of my mom, one of the coolest Chicks I've ever known....

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