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Game Of Math


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Game Of Math is an addictive fun math game that is easy to play, yet hard to put down. Your challenge is to get the target number by combining a series of simple numbers using addition or multiplication, or both. You are given a limited of time to complete each target, which will be more difficult through each level. It improves your speed of mental calculation and keeps your mind sharp.

Game Of Math has three modes: ADDITION, MULTIPLICATION, and COMBINATION (in which you’re free to apply addition or multiplication methods) with EASY and HARD levels. It is friendly to all users from all ages, kids and adults.

But you are a maniac about math game already? And you think you are so smart and fast already? Then try this game and see how smart and fast you are!

Game Of Math will require you some thinking. But don’t worry. Game Of Math isn't stressful at all. And in case you feel some stress, those relaxing and beautiful music in Game Of Math will ease all your tense.

Game Play
- Tap the numbers such that the result of them equals the given number.
- Play with strategy to tap more numbers in each operation.

- The more numbers you combine, the higher score you get.
- Combining the numbers in the same color will double your score.

- 3 Amazing modes: Addition, Multiplication and Combination.
- 2 difficult levels for each mode.
- Very simple gameplay.
- Beautiful game design.
- Nice classical music.
- Tuner your brain.

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