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"Raaka ! Run to the jungle"

PritamFaldesai / Plyafullness

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You are Raaka. Escaped from the circus you are caged in. Lets run to the our homeland-the wondrous jungle of Africa. "Running through the muddy ditches and thorns dodging enemies, lets befriend an elephant and take a ride. Hopping from the elephant's back lets catch an eagle and fly about. The circus manager is no stupid, he sent baddies to catch us. But we are smart lets slap them just to humiliate, super-roar to deafen them. Lets jump the ditches so we shall not fall and catch the rope we ride tall."

Raaka! Run to the Jungle is an exciting run and jump game.The hero is a lion cub captured from African jungle. He yearns to see his homeland again. One night seeing everybody asleep he escapes from the circus with some circus toys. By morning the circus manager realizes and sends the circus master to catch him. The circus master hires some hunters on the way. By now Raaka has entered the jungle. He fails to see the river in front of him but he can swim and turns up on the other side. Now the enemies start appearing. Raaka has to use his powers to overcome the enemies.
His Power-ups are-
Super Claws
Super Jaw
Mighty Roar
Bad Breath
Rope Trick
Circus Stick
Turn into a huge lion

Coming up in next version -
Calling up the Rain
Calling up the thunder
Flying with the eagle
Hitch hiking an Elephant
The Rocket Ride
Circus Biking

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