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Amy Book 1: Sharing the Big Apple


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Amy is a lively girl. She loves her father and mother. She enjoys playing at her grand parents’ home. Although she often competes with her little brother for toys, they like each other very much. Because of her active personality, Amy gets into trouble all of the time. Luckily, she is willing to accept her mistakes and make changes accordingly. Trying her best to become a good child.

Generally speaking, children understand the concept of “Possession” when they are around 1.5 years old. However, they can only understand the concept “Share” when they are up to 3 years old. In the mean time, they start grabbing others’ belonging or holding firm on their own belongings. To let the kids’ learn the concept “Share”, story telling is an effective way. Share the Apple is a moral education story talking about the concept “Share”. Through the story of Amy and her little brother, the kids can experience that “Share”, in fact, is a value-added process and can enjoy more fun among them. Maybe, they are willing to make the first-move.

This is the start of a series of story-game books targeting for kids with the age 3+.  They are created based on our observation on the recent kid’s development features. Every book focuses on one moral topic. The book includes both written and vocal descriptions in English and Chinese (Written: English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. Vocal: English, Mandarin, and Cantonese). Other than the story, games and story-related vocabulary practices are provided to help strengthen the knowledge. Apart of developing good moral standard, we also aim at assisting kids in learning two languages – English and Chinese easily.

****** Features ******
* Learn English and Chinese (Traditional/Simplified) through a moral education story.
* Vocal descriptions in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese are provided.
* Little games to strengthen the knowledge are designed.
* Story-related interactive flash cards are provided to learn vocabulary with fun.

****** Demo Video ******

****** Amy Book Series ******
Book 1: Sharing the Big Apple:

Book 2: Cleaning My Home: interface enhancement

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