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Tiny Bird

binttackxbinttackx / Blue Collar Syndicate

Original_1 Original_3


The tiny bird Windy (her name actually..) wants to learn fly from his uncle, Flappy. But her uncle died when he fly and hit some pipes. After all Windy still want to learn fly by herself. She always try over and over again.

Tiny Bird is "NOT" a good pixel art game.
Also NOT GOOD enough as Flappy Bird, so if you don't like this game just uninstall it. If you like this game you can give to your parents, brothers, sisters, granma, granpa, and all your relatives to play this. If they didn't have any smartphone, you can tell them to buy smart phone and install this game.

This game is for Flappy Jam tribute to Flappy Bird.

"This game isn't hard enough" - my friend.
"Ah, you clone flappy bird?" - my friend.
"Can you put snake in that branch, so snake can eat that bird?" - my friend.
"Maybe you can make the branch moving, so it will be challenging" - my friend.

Have Fun!
Selamat Bermain!

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