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Happy Farm:Candy Day

Empire Game Studio

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Happy Farm is a breezy SIM game. The farm life is very colorful, with various plants, crop, and cute animals inside.
Players are the owners of their farms, and they can devote themselves into the farm affairs at any time. They can plant crops, foster animals, collect goods, purchase production facilities, upgrade their storage, transport and trade their products, complete orders and missions, decorate their farms with beautiful ornaments. The smooth operations and easy musics will make you totally intoxicated!

Game Feature

Relaxing Theme: A breezy SIM farm game, suitable for all ages

Simple Operation: Collect your ripe crop and animals into your bag with only one small glide!

Creative Graphics: Little cute animals who are eager for food, ornaments with superb designs, picturesque scenery which draws your entire attention, all those things are sure to be remembered forever!

Diverse Products: Your processor can produce very charming clothes and decorations and yummy food for you!

To Gain, To Earn: The products of your hard work can be used to complete orders or be sold on the roadside market, so as to bring you bountiful profits!

Helpful Friends: Having difficulty in completing the order or lacking goods and seeds? Don't worry, just go to your friends for help!

Super Quality: Exquisite graphics, smooth operations, soothing musics, all these incomparable experience will make you forget where you are!

More pets than any other farm game

***5 Million players and counting***
***200 Million players on web ***
***Top 2 farm Game on Mobile***
***Top 2 farm Game on Facebook***1. Added Valentine-related dress, so festive atmosphere warm ~
2 redemption code on the active line, the facebook fan page will be issued from time to time, I remember winning the prize Oh concern.
3.Fixed some minor Bugs.
4.Adjusted some features to unlock levels.

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