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Jumpy Joe

AshutoshKaushik / Dinzy Labs Games Inc

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••• Now experience the fun of your favorite video game on you iPhone/iPod/iPad•••

Relive your childhood once again with Jumpy Joe and have a never ending fun gaming experience on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Jumpy Joe is out in the city to enjoy himself. Jump over the blocks, drift down to escape run the longest distance without slipping off. This game will take you back in 90's era of video gaming.

Jumpy Joe is a rare blend of old and new gaming format having the entertainment and engagement intact to it. Some of the key feature of Jumpy Joe will be: -

1- Pixel art based game-play

2- Highly addictive and entertaining

3- Facebook integration

4- Rate app option

5- Leader board enabled

6- Traditional 90's sound effects and graphics

For what you are waiting now, starting playing Jumpy Joe now! Set new high score, share it and challenge your pals to join you in this extremely amazing gaming joyride.

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