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Zombie Away

LeonardoKim / LazyBee Inc.

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Extreme zombies you have never seen before attack the world!
Save our beautiful Marilyn from the vicious zombies!

You can run away from the cruel zombies by tilting your Android phones and tablets.
Four types of zombies follow our beautiful Marilyn, but with Mystery Potion you get the power to beat the cruel zombies!

White Zombie
Ordinary and common. Not very dangerous but with large volumes it is terrifying.

Red Zombie
We do not know the reason but they are very red! Very speedy as they are extremely angry.

Blue Zombie
They even don't know themselves where the hell they are heading. Their unpredictable character makes these idiot zombies stand out from the crowd.

Black Zombie
They follow you persistently without any noise. Extremely dangerous as time passes.

Mystery Potion
Do not hesitate because of the mysterious color. You're invincible with this powerful mystery potion!

Your effort to save Marilyn from the cruel zombies can be shared through Facebook.
Your record will be shared with screenshots right after the play.

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