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Original_pushthecrate_grafico_de_recursos Original_pushthecrate_tela_inicial Original_pushthecrate_tela_mapa_2 Original_pushthecrate_tela_jogo


Play this amazing game in Sokoban style, where you need to put the boxes in the best place, solving puzzles that you can't imagine. Go unlocking phases until you reach the end.
This game is able to keep your mind active, leaving you more attached to solve similar problems.

Here are some features of the game:
* Progressive difficulty, the first levels are easy, but do not expect levels easy more forward.
* No need to download additional files.
* No need to pay for anything, the game is completely free.
* You can use the buttons on the screen or swipe your finger to move the character.

If you like the game, please comment and give your note for others to see and are interested in playing
But if you do not like it for any reason, just send me an email ( talking about his motives that soon I will try to find a solution

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