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1000 Ways to Kill

JgodJgod / Red Ramp Studios


Everyday life causes stress! People cause stress! Your boss, your wife, your ex. Whoever it is, we have the answer!

Do you want to learn relaxation techniques, take "anger management", or simply just beat the crap out of whoever is causing your stress?
We can't help with relaxation, but we can let you beat the crap out of them (and watch them die)! Not in real life of course, that gets you jailed. No more worries when you have our 21st century voodoo doll! Put your [not so] loved ones face on our doll, and let loose using our Ways to Kill with no one to stop you! Rather kill zombies? No problem, take a snapshot of a zombie and put the face on here!

★ Violent physics-based ragdoll simulator with tons of blood
★ Put your own picture on the face of the ragdoll
★ Collect blood to unlock ammo and more ways to kill
★ Ways to kill (so far): electricity, fire, poison gas, darts, machine gun, revolver, shotgun, ak47, m4a1, freeze ray or - just smashing them against things and ripping their limbs off!
★ Constantly adding more ways to kill - on the way to 1,000!

Your feedback is highly appreciated: if you enjoy this game please give it a quick review or rating!
If you find any issues, don't be afraid to send an email so we can fix it, asap.

We do not condone you beating your wife, frying your boss or tazing your bro in real life. On your phone however... well, just don't let you see them do it - they may taze you for real. All characters appearing in this game are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely your fault for using their face. No animals were harmed in the making of this game. A cat was tripped over once, but he is not in the game, so that does not count. And finally, if you break an arm of someone you know in the game, then it happens in real life, that is probably just a coincidence.

INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Reputable ad networks.
BILLING: For optional in app purchases - you can earn all weapons purely by playing.

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