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Prom Night Makeover

GameImax / GameiMax

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Wanna be Prom queen or have a Graduation date? Well all in all in this game we included Hair Spa,Makeover,Makeup & Dressup!

Girls always rush to make themselves gorgeous? It's a fact. So they have to many things to do before that night, making hair, make up nails, choose perfume, which shoes, which clothes or dresses, etc, lots of things.

why you need this app :

- Hair Spa Prom Queen with new and chic hair Style!
- Makeover Prom Queen with Cream,Face-pack,lotion,shower & Pimple remover!
- Makeup Prom Queen with lipsticks,eye makeup,eye lens & many more thing
- Dressup Prom Queen with beautiful gown,earrings,neckless,sandals & change backgrounds.
- Save and share your creation via Facebook,email or Twitter.

You will have to give this girl a full facial treatment, like facial cleaners, oil wipes, and rose petals to eliminate blemishes for her face and to look absolutely stainless on the prom night.

After the face looks smooth and shining, continue with the cosmetic treatment, choosing gorgeous eyeshadow, nail polish colors, mascara, blush... and even eye lenses for her to match the fantastic prom look!

Download this app and Show off the new look as your Prom Night Star wallpaper :-) 

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