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Games from the Playroom

RolandKákonyi / Webstar Works

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The application based on the illustrations of the award-winning storybook includes 3 different games.

– Help Dolly remember the pairs of the cards, so that they can be returned to their place, in the toy box! Four difficulty levels can be selected in this game that enhances memory. This adventure improves perception and the short-term memory.

– Find the toys scattered around the room! The children have to find different elements in two optional sites. This story improves perception and eye-hand coordination.

– Look carefully at the picture. Who is it? Build the same character for yourself! In this funny game the body parts of the well-known characters have been mixed up, and the task is to find the correct order of the parts. This colorful game improves the children’s perception, thinking and creativity.

About the background of the game:

The narrative and visual background of the game is provided by the interactive storybook Tales from the Playroom, which has won the silver medal of the Moonbeam Children’s Book award. The characters were created by Edit L. Molnár, the writer of the storybook. The magical atmosphere of the book was created by Lídia Steiner illustrator, in the classic manner, with watercolors.

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