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Arrow Mania 2


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Other bow & arrow games just don't compare! Bounce arrows, chase birds with a vacuum cleaner, punch with a boxing glove, survive when it rains bombs, and then shoot down the zeppelin airships.

Arrow Mania 2 is the top archery game, you have to play this. A gorgeous puzzle arcade platformer mashup with a hint of crazy fun!

• Original and addictive
• Aiming, timing, puzzle solving, shooting, angling, physics and fun!
• In game video record, share and show off your gameplay with your friends! Just hit that video button in the level select screen after you play a level.
• Video access, also through the video record interface, view other peoples videos and gameplay style.
• Archery, vacuum cleaners, boxing gloves, zeppelin airships, birds, gravity and more!
• Free to download, play the first 5 unlocked levels and then up to level 20 by simply viewing ads or by purchasing a level pack. There are no adverts whilst playing the main game.
• More level packs will be released over the next few months and will include new tasks, new exciting mechanisms (like the boxing glove and vacuum cleaner).
• Tutorial levels with animated instruction and text instructions, easy to get going!
• Later levels teach you advanced skills that include controlling the power of your shots to hit targets behind walls, bounce arrows off bounce boards, use the vacuum cleaner to suck birds in front of a boxing glove, conserve arrows and to plan your actions.

Set in a crazy scrolling world with seemingly nice blue birds, just don’t shoot the birds! Levels have varying fun goals such as catching birds using the boxing glove, surviving waves of falling bombs, hunting down all the targets, popping 10 balloons with a single arrow, and chasing birds with a vacuum cleaner! As you progress through the game, hone your crossbow skills by aiming, timing and bouncing arrows around corners, also learn to control the crossbow’s power and curve arrows to reach targets behind obstacles.

From level to level other challenges must be passed, time limits are imposed, survival levels test you ability to defend your crossbow, shooting accuracy becomes paramount when you only have a few arrows, and then the opposite with levels requiring rapid firing and speed to beat the clock!

Arrow Mania 2 introduces a new control system from its predecessor. Drag from the crossbow to grab the bows anchor, drop the anchor where you want to move to or flick it off the screen and watch the crossbow travel to where it landed. This unique mechanism allows for movement whilst shooting as well as selecting a new destination even whilst you are already travelling; Also aim and shoot whilst the crossbow moves automatically to the anchor.


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