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Paint Blast


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Test your skills! Challenge your senses! Have a blast!
Try this new amazing game to fill your life with beautiful colors at life's dull moments.
Bored at meeting? Riding a bus or train? Waiting for a slow elevator? Standing in line?
Jump into the game, and loose track of time. Waiting for something - never been so fun.
Slide your finger on the screen to create a bounce pad.
Control the direction of the ball to hit the buckets, and don't let the ball fall.
Hit the buckets and they will fill the screen with beautiful colors.
In ZEN Mode the time does not run out on you, and the ball cannot fall, can play for as long as you want, the way you want.
You think it's too easy for you ? Try our INSANE mode.
Challenge your friends, collect achievements and see your global ranking with Game Center.
PaintBlast has been developed with cocos2d-x and Box2D.

"I was playing this game from the very first build, and I'm still loving it"
- Brother of Developer B
"Best game on the market... best game on all the markets... best game in the world!"
- Developer A's Wife.
"How come I'm Developer B? I'm Developer A"
- Developer B

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