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Joiny Flow: Colorful Dots

AndriyChaika / 4Enjoy

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Joiny is a FREE puzzle game. You have to solve the puzzle by connecting the colorful dots. Joiny differs from other numberlink games. All dots on the level could have the same color. It gives more challenge to the Joiny.

Connect colorful points by creating a flow. You have to connect all pairs of dots with the same color. You do not need filling the whole table. Be attentive, pipes will break if they cross or overlap. You need one star to win the level. You can build longer connections to earn higher score. Hints will help you to solve the puzzle.

One level could have some solutions. The best solution gets 3 stars. If you get everywhere 3 stars the full version will opened for free. There are no time limits. All levels and collections are opened. You can play in any order. If you do not get one star replay the level!

250 free levels
250 bonus levels in FULL version
colorful collections and levels
pleasant music and sound effects
unique design of the game

Enjoy the game!

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