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mohitparihar / mobibit tech

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The Epic hunt for the Treasure of Alps has begun .Only the true Gladiators can open the treasure chest. Are you the one?

The treasure Chest opens when all the magic blocks guarding the temples are destroyed. Use your brain and make wise moves to match & crack the blocks of same colours and solve this mystical puzzle

Play this Best Match-2 & more puzzle game, destroy the hypnotic totems, Take quick decisions to move them and look out for power blocks to rack up as many points as possible. Best strategic and blistering moves can earn bonus points and give you the Golden stars and magical gems. So fasten your seat belt and get ready to untangle this unsolved riddle.

The Treasure of Alps has been buried inside the Flummox temple, guarded from centuries by mighty legions. All the great explorers who discovered this mysterious temple could not break into it and lost their life. Can you survive this quest to unlock The Grand Treasure and honor the departed soul who fought like real Spartans?

Key Features:-

1. 45 mesmerizing levels
2. Challenge & survival mode
3. Seamless performance both on mobile phones & tablets
4. Stunning visuals & audio effects.
5. Renders HD Graphics to give excellent display.
6. Global and facebook leaderboard to Compete
7. Facebook share option to invite your friends, brag score, and post your achievements.
8. In-app purchase to unlock game features
9. Perfect brain vita for Match-2 & Match-3 fans

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