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Amy Book 3: Taking Care of a Kitten


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Amy is a little girl full of curiosity. She enjoys exploring new things with her little brother Ben. Just like most of the other kids, when she saw a cute kitten in her uncle's home, she would also like to adopt one. To persuade her parents, she promised to be a good owner, and would take care of the kitten well. Now, Amy feels that taking care of a kittenis not as easy as she expected. What should she do now? Through this story, we hope to help kids develop the concept of responsibility and empathy, and to think carefully before making any decision.

Amy Book series is a series of story-game books targeting for kids with the age 3+. They are created based on our observation on the recent development features of kids. Every book focuses on one moral topic, and includes both written and vocal descriptions in English and Chinese (Written: English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese; Vocal: English, Mandarin, and Cantonese). In addition to the story, games and story-related vocabulary practice are provided to help strengthen the knowledge learned. Our objectives are that, apart from developing good personal characteristics, we also aim at helping kids learn English and Chinese easily.

****** Features ******
* 2 languages: learn English and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) through a moral education story.
* 3 voices: built in oral storytelling in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.
* 6 mini games: strengthen the knowledge learned.
* Flash cards: story-related interactive flash cards to learn vocabulary with fun.

****** Demo Video ******

****** Amy Book Series ******
Book 1: Sharing the Big Apple:

Book 2: Cleaning My Home:

Book 3: Taking Care of a Kitten

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