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Story Background
In the depths of the universe, on the starbase tower, a family plot aimed at zombies is going on.
In order to escape from the human attack, Zombies MoBa decided to return to his hometown.
However, it is full of all kinds of dangers on the way home. Can MoBa be back home safely, it up to you.

1.Set the game role: the main role instead of the previous bad role
2.Kinds of blocks: the black hole making you change suddenly; tonardo which can change direction; the cloud with power; the thunder group etc.
3.Exaggerating music effect and background music which make you immerse in the games
4. 360 degree trajectory and the diversity of the pass.
5.Diversity of operating ways, available for gravity influence and key touch.
6.Available for above IOS 3.2

Operation Mode
1.Rocker operation
Press fingers at any position in the screen, if you counterclockwise rotate, the Zombies fly counterclockwise. If clockwise, zombies fly clockwise.
2. Key Operation
Press in the bottom right of the screen, the zombies continue flying counterclockwise. Press in thebottom left of the screen, the zombies continue flying clockwise. Losen it, flying unchange.

Pass judgement:
The game has 48 shuts, zombie will pass when he break through all the shuts.

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