Since 2010, cocos2d-x has been used to build thousands of games, running on phones, tablets, desktop, and even TVs. Here are just a sample of the awesome games and apps made by cocos2d-x. Do you have an app you want to showcase? Tell us about it.


Unbox The Ibex



A fun and free sokoban puzzle with enjoyable graphics and snappy tune.

Unbox The Ibex is a classic sokoban puzzle in which the player (The Ibex) pushes cages around a maze, trying to free his friends out of them by placing the cages over key locations.Hurry up and help the Ibex solve the puzzles and save his friends!

- fun gameplay
- 48 puzzles to solve
- catchy theme music

- You have five minutes to solve the puzzle.
- Only one cage or box can be pushed at a time.
- A box or cage cannot be pulled.
- The Ibex cannot walk through boxes or walls.
- The Ibex cannot walk through traps.
- The puzzle is solved when all cages are located over a key and unlocked.

This simple rules, in combination with 48 levels ranging from easy to extremely difficult, have made Unbox The Ibex become a real classic.

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