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Original_dota comics

Dota Comics


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Contains 47 funny "4 Column Comics" to fill your day!
Smile (or even LOL) while read and see the Cute and funny artwork in the comics.
Unique personality of each character in dota is well drawn here..
If you're a comic fans, this is a book you really need to have.
You're not dota master yet, if you never read this comic !
Perfect to read when :
~ Bored in class
~ Waiting for boyfriend / girlfriend
~ Never Ending Lecture
~ Squat in the toilet (is this even the right word :p)
~ Wondering how is Atom Bomb made
Don't forget to share the happiness with your friend too ya..

All Comics used in this apps, originally come from Which most of it drawn by Milikki, a talented girl from China. Now she is an illustrator and comic author for many Chinese web-sites and magazines.. please visit her blog at
All Character in this comic apps : Chen, Enchantress, Magina, Leshrac, Mirana, Mortred, Leviathan, Terrorblade, Zeus, Spectre, Nortrom, Phoenix, Kael(Invoker), Rotund'jere(Necrolyte), Slithice, Mangix(Pandaren), Morphling, Sven, Tinker, Tiny (Stone Giant), Goblin Techies, N'aix, Shendelzare Silkwood (Vengeful Spirit), Purist (Omniknight), Darkterror (Faceless Void), Ogre Magi, Atropos, Balanar, Akasha, Abaddon, Leoric (Skeleton King), Anub'seran (Nerubian Weaver), Viper, Jakiro (Twin Head Dragon), Puck (Fairie Dragon), Knight Davion (Dragon Knight), Pit Lord, Rylai (Crystal Maiden), Lich, Traxex, Bradwarden(Centaur Warchief), Luna Moonfang, Anub'arak (Nerubian Assasin), Mogul Khan (axe), Razor, Worm, Chicken, Shop Keeper, Ish'kafel (Dark Seer), Jah'rakal (Troll Warlod), Sand King, Bristleback, Treant, Medusa, Clockwerk, Beastmaster, Ezalor, Meepo, Windrunner, Lina Inverse (Slayer), Kunkka, Slardar, Enigma, Juggernaut, Bloodseeker, Venomancer, Kardel Sharpeye, Dwarven Sniper, Raijin Thunderkeg (Storm Spririt) and Roshan are originally come from Warcraft III..
Any CAPS (Comments, Abuse, Praise, and Suggestion) always welcome, write here or you can email us at
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