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MINE ROAD is the girls rescuing - underground exploring - dungeon RPG.

The main objective of this game is finding and leading buried girls to the surface.
You can also create tools by combining items you find. Digging will get easier when you create tools.

You'll have to explore the whole underground and rescue every buried girl in order to get to the next dungeon.

Rescued girls can be used for leveling up your abilities.
You can also have a girl become your party member!

Please carve your way through the dungeon.


- You can change the zoom level of the screen by swiping Vitality / Stamina area anytime.
- If you find a new item, please check the Craft screen. You may be able to create new items.
- Challenging monsters without leveling up is dangerous. I recommend to level up 'Attack' right away.
- You can access 'Help' at any time with its button in the Options menu. It is recommended that you read it when you have time.

This description was rewritten by Matthias. Thank you for cooperation!

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