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Seal the Monsters


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Gameplay Video:
Monsters of all kinds fled out and strolled around every corner of the world, because the invocation which sealed thousands of monsters was worn out. As the only living sealer, your responsibility is to draw circles to bind those ghosts and send them back to hell!
Draw circles (seals) to seal monsters inside. If touched by the monsters, the seal will be broken; if running into stronger ghosts, more circles (seals) are needed.
Well performance can help seal several monsters with only a circle (seal).
Corresponding invocation will be obtained from sealing two or above same monsters at the same time. Make the best use of invocation to draw particular patterns, and then powerful magic will be released, including full-screen attack, slowing down monsters, freezing time and enhance sealing force and etc.
Scores obtained from sealing monsters help unlock more stages and get new ghost-boosting weapons. And extra prizes will be awarded for COMBO! More challenges are waiting for you ahead!
Game Mode
Survive Mode: keep sealing monsters before they form a pack.
Time Attack Mode: eradicate monsters within 30 second. Every wave of monsters you sealed, you get 10 seconds bonus.
Game Features
-Easy control and smooth gameplay
-Excellent graphics and vivid characters
-Various monsters and scenes
-Rank your score. Be the best sealer!
We will launch online VS mode with your great support and good review!

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