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Ramp Jump

muniraj_143muniraj_143 / Agasthiyar Games

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This is a simple and additive Free Racing Car game.

Car Jumping game with different types of Ramp placed at random position to create more fun.
More fun is to spin the car while jumping for extreme challenge and additional score.

Ramp Jump is a simple and very intuitive game for all age group.

Get more score to unlock different vehicle . There are different vehicle like race car, jeep, funny car, taxi, ambulance, limo and tractor.

While driving the car gas gets over, coolant gets over and the tyre wear.

To avoid gas over which causes the car to stop, the user need to fill gas by jumping over the gas cylinder.
To avoid coolant over which causes smoke from the car, user need to fill coolant by jumping over the coolant.
To avoid tyres getting wear which causes the car to skid, user need to change tyres by jumping over the tyres.

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