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My Girl


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“If only my dream girl could be here with me!”
But the ideal life is hardly reachable in reality.
No Worry!
This Christmas and New Year, we will realize your dream!
My Girl gives you her full attention and control.
Your goal is to keep your girl happy and loved through working, eating, exercising, dating, and touching etc. She may also sing, dance, make up, and clean for you.
Besides, you can enjoy amazing dates together; just learn how to do things right!! You may also enjoy a romantic dinner, thrilling experience on roller coaster, mountain climbing trip, or relaxing hot spring… When you two get closer, expect some pleasant surprises from her!
- My girl is always there for you to care, love, and chat!
- Activate the touch mode when you two get intimate! She will respond differently when you touch different parts at different time. Pay attention to her facial expressions, and you will know when she is excited or annoyed. Believe me: practices make your relationship perfect!

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