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Cannonball Bounce Jr


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What's the difference between Cannonball Bounce and Cannonball Bounce Jr? In the full game there are 100 completely different puzzles, that's 70 more puzzles then this free version!

The full game also has 2 new worlds, Mirrored and WTF, plus it has 2 new objects, uppy and twins

Game Features:

* Easy to play touch mechanics
* 30 challenging and fun levels
* Levels naturally progress in difficulty
* Multiple ways to solve each puzzle
* Defying Physics in changing worlds
* Many unique obstacles
* Independently developed (a one man team)

How To Play:

* Move/Rotate Your Blocks
* Aim Cannon
* Shoot Cannonball and Watch it Bounce to the Finish!

Cannonball Bounce Jr is a fun and challenging physics puzzler. It's easy to play but tough to beat. The 30 levels progress in difficulty naturally.

There is only one goal in every level, bounce your Cannonball into the target. You simply play by first moving/rotating the blocks highlighted in red around the screen, then aim your Cannon and shoot the Cannonball! The Cannonball will then follow your shooting path and bounce off the objects in the level, and if you hit the target you win!

Sounds simple eh, but as you play through the game you will encounter many different types of blocks that react differently to the ball, some will break when hit, some push or pull the ball away, some require a switch to move, some kill the ball, and many others!

Also, the environment you are playing in changes from no gravity, to gravity, to space like gravity! You'll never get bored of this!


Cannonball Bounce Reviews: (4.5/5) Stars, "... Cannonball Bounce is a wonderful game, puzzle game fans would love spending their time with and a perfect deal...", "... you’ll find a deep, challenging game that will really get your brain working. ...Cannonball Bounce has what really matters – gameplay" says, "... In Cannonball Bounce, the arrangements and challenges are many and this physics puzzles is hard to put down." (4/5 Stars): "... Cannonball Bounce is a gem..." (4/5 rating), "... people of all ages will enjoy this game."

You can view a trailer at:

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