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Pastry Memory

23 Soft

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Pastry Memory
This new Pastry Memory Game can improve your memory ( your kids memory ) in the fun way. Pastry Memory Game have many delicious and yummy items like , cheese cake , croissant , pan cake , cup cake , Tart , Donuts , Chocolate Cake and many others
There are 10 levels to accomplish , try to find how good your memory works
Try to find the pairs of every Items before the time running out
Credits :
Special Thanks to Cocos2d-x team for the beautiful multiplatform game engine
picture and music :
Pastry Memory merupakan game yang dapat melatih kemampuan mengingat anak anda ( dan anda juga tentunya ) dalam bentuk permainan yang menarik
Cara Bermain
carilah pasangan gambar yang sama dari setiap gambar yang ada sebelum waktu yang diberikan habis

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