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Birdies Fly Together


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Play Birdies and help the two birds fly and pass the obstacles. In return, Birdies will put a big smile on your face and make you enjoy every single minute of this game. Birdies is one of the most exciting game out there! Simple, easy to learn, fun to play is the three lines that best describe Birdies.

Inspired by a new system introduced by Duet from Kumobius, Birdies can spin and avoid the obstacles. A simple rotary control that might look a bit too easy will get challenging and counter intuitive and makes you bite your lips as you pass the obstacles!

Touch left to make the Birdies spin counter clockwise, touch right to make them spin clockwise. Rotating is fun! Give it a try and join numerous people who are enjoying this addictive arcade casual game every day.

One of the most innovative and newest gameplay that you have ever seen guaranteed! A perfect smooth move combined with fantastic visual and fun sound effects and music brings you a great gaming experience! After playing Birdies, your level of expectation will go up and you might find all other games not as fun! ;)

A built-in world ranking leaderboard where you can compare your scores with players around the world. You can also check out your Facebook friends' scores in the leaderboard, send invitation from the app.

This app complies with Facebook privacy policy guidelines. It DOES NOT post on facebook without your permission.

LinaraLabs believes in high-quality product with best user experience. Download the game today, and be among the first few thousands people that get the game for free without any ads or ad wall.

Our treat! This is game is available for free for a limited time! You don't spend any money on this game if you download it today - keep calm, enjoy, and game on!-Improved game mechanics
-Minor changes to the leaderboard

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