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Empire Defense


Original_mzl Original_mzl Original_mzl Original_mzl


Hey,a fantastic tower defense game done right!
This full version Empire Defense comes with standard and advanced weapons, and 5 new maps! You start with 4 basic weapons and 10,000 crystals on a simple map. Earn more crystals as you clear levels to unlock powerful weapons and more advanced maps.

-Tower defense game
-Empire style of the Middle Ages
-5 maps available
-9 kinds of towers with 20 or more different levels
-Magic, offensive, assistant towers have inter-affection to build more battle formation
-Store available to buy new towers or upgrade
-Achievement System1.Add a new map cost only 10000 crystal
2.Two more tower added for higher capability
3.Tower Level-up system added
4.Some bug fixed

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