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ZDK Zombie Death Kill

Laxity_MediaLaxity_Media / Laxity Media

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Zombie Apocalypse Alarm! Pick up your gun and survive!

What a bad day.
Being late in school, dog eat your homework, and now this Zombie-Apocalypse just started while you entered your school.
Everybody is attacking you and it seems you will be also more than DEAD very soon.
Seems you will become fairly ... UN-DEAD !

Just what a luck your first walk was to the Nurse room and you found that pump gun in her room.
Why did she had a loaded gun there ? No time to think about it.
You have to fight your way through the hordes of Zombies, coming for you.

But seems the whole town already became infected and transformed into Zombies.
Fortunately the US-Army had a long-time rescue plan for the end of all days.
Scientists created an escape portal from earth which will beam you to a save place.

Just fight your way to the Tannhauser Gate and don't let that Zombies bite you while reloading your pump-gun.
Unfortunately the Gate is on a far distant island in the caribean sea.

Well, what should I say ? I'm pretty sure you will make it.
Good Luck!

- 70 Levels to be survived
- Big bunch of different Zombie enemies
- Best bloody splatter game ever
- Gamecenter support to compete with your friends and fiends
- Easy to lern shoot em up
- The ultimate zombie ego shooter action adventure game

Don't play with the lights off !!!

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