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Desert alien invaders


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Desert Aliens Invaders (DAI) is a shoot'em up game based on old-school games Arcade. An action game that challenges the best players!
Aliens have invaded earth! Luckily, settled in the desert and have not yet reached the big cities, but you, as Air Force pilot must exterminate all the ships before its too late.
Shoot all ships that moves in front of you. Upgrade your weapons and try not be reached. The future of the Earth is in your hands!

Game Features:

- Dynamic action and intuitive control via the accelerometer
- Old games elements shoot'em up arcade
- Endless addictive gameplay
- Put your name at the top of the rankings
- A bomb destroys everything on the screen
- Constantly evolving, the game will introduce new enemies, new ships
- Increase your ammo reaping the bombs to exterminate all enemies

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