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Dragoon Project

DrgnSoftDrgnSoft / DrgnSoft

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Exclusive debut for the iOS! DrgnSoft's first title!

Reign as the strongest! As the representative of the latest arms development, you must prove that the Dragoon Units can overcome the mainstay Imperial Arms, the Dreadnaughts. By synthesizing parts and materials, there are a variety of load-outs to suit your style. Whether it's firepower, defense, or special attacks, discover the build that makes your Dragoon the best!

The Dragoon Project is an arcade style bullet hell game that takes advantage of touch screen controls. Inspired by old-school arcade games, hardcore gamers will feel at home with this modern incarnation. Featuring waves of enemies and bullets, great care was made to keep the difficulty high while still allowing casual players to stay in the game.


- Full featured game with console ideologies in mobile form

- Free future content updates

- Includes Game Center achievements, leader boards, and iCloud support

- Collection, crafting, and upgrade systems

- Bonus modes: Boss Rush and Unlimited Mode

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