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Call Bingo

VladCioabaVladCioaba / Mavenhut LTD

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Do you want to try a beautiful Bingo game, an instant classic? Daub your way to countless bingos with Call Bingo!

Daub the numbers as the balls come. Mark lines, columns, diagonals or even the four corners of the Bingo card and be the first to Call Bingo!

Involve your friends and let them assist you in the game of Bingo! If you connect with Facebook, your friends can take charge of your cards.


Call Bingo is:
- Free to play!
- A relaxing game experience!
- Easy and fun to play, challenging to master!
- A faster bingo with NO waiting times!
- Available to play with one, two, three or four cards at the same time!

This classic game is suitable for both beginners and experts, making it an excellent choice for a quick bingo fix.Hello daubers and callers!

A new version of Call Bingo is out, and this time the big news is that a feature that many of you have requested sees the light of day for the first time! With this version, the top 3 players in a round will get an additional reward for their heroics!

Check it out!

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