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Pick-Up All

MovilfinMovilfin / Movilfin

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Clear your mind and get your ready for the stick picking game.
Master yourself and win the challenge with your skills
You know the drill, move the pencil and have fun!

This game is the modern pickup sticks. Remember how this game is played, you pick one pencil at a time without moving the other pencils. Its really a logic game, that's why its very much entertaining.

Plenty of skill required in this simple and testing game.

Start the game and pick up pencil, each pencil, thats on top of the others in sequence. Get it wrong and you lose. Simple, right? Well it's not! It can be quite tricky if you aren't really concentrating. Which one is really on the top?

Cannot be any simpler to play, but it's also not that easy to win. It's a hard game in form of an easy game.

The game stretches back more than a thousand years and is still extremely popular today. Intuitive controls and easy rules guarantee direct entry and fun from the very first move.

It’s just right for a quick break.
You are very patient or you won't go any far
This game entertains, makes you think at the same time.

- Remove one pencil/stick at a time without moving the other pencil/sticks!
- Super awesome graphics and motion
- Addicting and proven me concept
- Unlimited attempts to break your record
- Great sound effects
- Turn on/off sound effects
- Wonderful 3D graphics
- Intuitive multi-touch controls
- Game center link-up for worldwide online leaderboards






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