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Color Panic - Match Color

txsky37txsky37 / hungrymammoth

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Everyone can play!
The 1st exciting puzzle arcade with simple rules
Color panic- Match color!
Choose a color that matches the given boxes' color.
How many colors can you see?
Test your ability to react and reaction speed right now.

Game manuals.

Generating colors from RGB(0,0,0) to RGB(255,255,255)!
Find answers among variety colors from two colors to maximum 100 colors
Can you recognize a delicate difference?
Logics don't lie for a second.
If your answer is wrong, then you would find another missed a box.

You would have been in trouble if time went down and the amount of colors was increasing.
While the amount of colors is growing, given time is also increasing a bit.
But don't be fooled
The more your answer is wrong, the more the rest of the time should be dereasing.

Every score would be added after the rest time is calculated.
You can get more score as long as you find correct answers quickly.
You might as well find an answer as possible as you can.
As a result, your score will be soar into the highest score.

Compete with your friends.
The key of high score is the possibility that similar color does not come up.
Good luck

You can enjoy the game without knowledge about complicated art and rules.
You just distinguish different colors.
The only answer exist among a tons of colors
You can feel finding a wrong picture in this game.
Let's try!
Play PlayHard mode added

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