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Color Panic - One Color

txsky37txsky37 / hungrymammoth

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You might get confused in looking same color, but don't give up.

Enjoy puzzle arcade game with simple rules.
Now, the second series of Color Panic 'Color Panic - One color' is released!
All color boxes should be matched up to one SAME color by touching.

How to play
If you touch the box or drag them, the color of box would be changed.
No matter what the color is, you just make one color.
The box get a color according to the order aligned above puzzles.

Your time given in the game is decreased step by step.
Be faster as soon as possible.
Even if you feel easy first, that is just a moment.

If you pass the stage as soon as possible, you would get higher score.
If you wander in the woods of color, you will lost remaining time dramatically.
Reduce mistakes and find your best strategies.

Get a high score and compete with your friends and people who play all over the world.
Let's play 'Color Panic - One color'
Let's get started!- Add pause

- Add combo : you can activate combo when you match five colors without missing a touch

- Improve UI including icon

- Fix minor bug

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