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txsky37txsky37 / hungrymammoth

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This is the puzzle game with a cat: Louis
Feel stages that become more difficult and more diverse.


Home alone cat: Louis
A female cat, Julia, came his house. Louis and Julia were having a nice day.
There is just a ring at the door.

“Master is coming!”

Julia that Louis had expected about cleaning walked away from there.

“I have no time to waste. Let me clean the room quickly.”

Can Louis finish cleaning the room before master comes his room?

Game description

You should let balls of string place in basket.
You can push one ball of string at a time but can’t pull.
Can’t jump through something.
If you make mistake, you can set back a one step.

Hungry Mammoth development news & event (This is not only Korean page but also English page)
- types of tile
-Add sliding maps
-Add switch maps
-Add warp maps
Reconstruct chapter phase
- Redesign by difficulty
- Add new stages
Add a story having 16 cut cartoon
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