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Help Newton

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"Who sent you out there?" asked by a reporter on Earth.
"Newton, I think" responded by the astronaut in space.
--That's a story told by my tutor a long time ago.

Well, all I wonder is what happened before Newton had discovered the gravity of Earth, and established his mechanics theory, which is so essential for the development of modern science and technology. According to legend, Newton was once hit by an apple and the apple gives him the inspiration to understand the universe. However, that's what ledged says, and I don't think that's true. In order to gain such kind of achievement in physics, Newton had to be hit by apple zillions of times.

In this game, the opportunity is offered for you to help Newton to gain inspirations for his work. In every scene Newton goes, an apple is given by the apple sprite. You need to lead the apple to pass all the obstacles to reach Newton. The game world is based on the simulation of classical physics, which is founded by Newton's theory. All the funs you have to discover in game.

-This game is designed and optimized for iOS devices in all sizes. Layout adapts to different screen sizes automatically.

-Uniform physics performance is also guaranteed, which ensures that scores from all devices is comparable. PS: For physical puzzle games, slight difference (even truncation errors) in physical parameters tends to result in totally different results. Although Layout for different screen sizes varies, our hard work guarantees the physics world performance remains the exact same.

-Game Center is integrated, and top scores from other players are auto pushed into your game screen, lively. You can check and compete with the world records in game. Every level records two scores, i.e. best score and worst score, and synchronous with game center.

-80’s game art style with fantastic pixel work is applied. I’m crazy for that. What do you think?

-Dozens of physical materials are built in, associated with realistic collision responding and sound effects.

-50 amazing levels has provided currently (and 50 more would be released in future updates).

If you have any questions, please feel free to email for assistance.

Some of the art materials applied in this game are collected within the public domain. I would like to give my appreciation to all of the respectable contributors. If in any case I did not give the ‘appropriate credit’, please contact me, and I am happy to make the ‘appropriate credit’.

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