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We moved memory game to another level, check it out!

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We moved memory game to another level, check it out!
Play paired memory game for free, so as never before, and improve your memory and observation. Train your brain!

Best memory game with family pets grew up!

Fun for kids and their parents! We reinvented memory game! Play, win and open gradually new card sets of Family Pets™.

Enjoy new Family Pets™!
- new cartoon application interface, new sounds and music will make you and your fall in love with Family Pets™. More than 360 new pictures of family pets!

Try out new sets!
- brand new sets: puppies, parrots, kittens, on the farm, aquarium fish, wild Africa, wild Asia, wild America, butterflies, cats, dogs, sea world, birds, predators, polar world and many more. Open sets by spending coins you won in the game.

Overcome new difficulty levels!
- choose game mode from Classic, Fall down or Mixed up mode
- choose game layout from 3x4, 4x5, 5x6 in every game mode.
The more difficult game mode the more reward you can get (coins, energy)! Open game modes by spending energy.

Search for secret card sets!
- from time to time you can play secret card sets Family Pets™. Play hard and often so you can play special sets: Summer Pets, Halloween Pets, Winter Pets, Valentine’s Pets or Easter Pets!

Claim your rewards!
- come back every day and get more coins to open more sets and have more fun.

Fulfill achievements!
- achieve game milestones and get coins and energy as reward and play more!

Use new Multi Device Player!
- log in into Game Center! Play independently on whatever device (iPod, iPhone or iPad) your score will be secured and always up to date. Your Highest score and achievements always in your hand.

New game stats and worldwide standings!
- watch worldwide how good you are, compare and compete with your friends and opponents.

And one more thing, don't forget to rate us! If you like new Family Pets™ give us 5 star!

Please note: To secure and synchronize your data, use stats, see standings, opening secret sets and themes you must have active internet connection. Family Pets™ is a free application, however you can buy coins in In App purchases for real money.
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Visit Us at: http://best-kids-games.comFamily Pets™ are back and completely new!

New features:
- brand new attractive GUI, sounds and music,
- 19 new sets with pets photos as well as cartoon sets for smallest,
- 3 game modes - Classic, Fall dawn and Mixed up
- 9 difficulty levels
- 5 special seasonal themes,
- 5 secret seasonal sets,
- fulfilling achievements,
- playing bonuses,
- worldwide player standing play and compeare with your friends

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