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Guess If You Can

lejforglejforg / Lar Escola Jêsue Frantz

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About the game
“Guess If You Can” will help you exercise your logic and motor skills, stimulating various parts of your brain and providing a meaningful and fun way of learning.
The more pictures you associate with their corresponding shadows, the bigger will be your score, making the game more competitive and fun.
This is a game that pleases, entertain, captivates, enthusiasms and teaches in an efficient manner, no doubt about it.
Have fun with your family and friends with this dynamic game, full of surprises for all ages!

How to play
- Start with a 30 second match;
- Be quick to associate each picture to its respective shadow by touching them;
- Win 15 seconds by finding the whole sequence of pictures so you can keep playing and challenging your friends;
- Add 2 exclusive power-ups to increase your chances to win the game.

- 6 levels;
- 90 pictures;
- Clean design;
- Tons of fun;
- Achievements and players ranking in Google Play;
- Available in 4 languages: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.

About the Institution
LAR ESCOLA JÊSUE FRANTZ, a non-profit charitable organization, was founded in 1982 by the need of more Inclusion and Social Transformation.
It carries in its name the words home (LAR) as a policy of Social Assistance and Human Rights; and school (ESCOLA) as Educational and Cultural actions based on Moral, Spiritual, Ethical and Social values. JÊSUE FRANTZ portrays the ideals of humanitarian love of the founders (RAD and IBD) that since childhood dreamed of a more democratic, participative and fraternal population.

In the last 33 years, the organization strengthened its institutional activities by disseminating actions of citizenship, protection and enforcement of human and social rights, education, culture and health via inter sectoral and multidisciplinary social services and permanent actions offered to the population of São Bernardo and Diadema’s various counties.
This year, the organization developed the game “Guess If You Can” aiming to extend its sociocultural and educational actions provided gratuitously to the population of São Bernardo do Campo e Diadema’s counties.

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