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Pop Smiley

go4nishugo4nishu / Skycap

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Play this game and pop smile at two places, one at your face and the other in the game. We value the latter one more.:)
So, Pop Smiley is an addictive game that makes you addictive to lock and pop the candy for the emoji. This is a very cute and fun-loving game but at the same time it needs perfect combination of reflexes and concentration. Initially the game seems easy but as you clock out through the levels you need more concentration. So get on, see how many candies can you pop by locking at the perfect time and forget the clock and make more smiles.

How to play :
There is a emoji/smiley in the screen with a neutral face, a stick and a candy. First you tap on the screen to make the stick move, the stick moves towards the shortest distance from the candy, when the stick reaches over the candy you have to lock it by tapping on the screen at that exact time to pop the candy for the emoji/smiley. When you pop one candy the emoji smiles and when you complete a level it becomes happy.

The number of level you are at decides the number of candies that you have to pop up for the emoji/smiley.
When you complete a level there's a big smile on the screen so does on your face.:)

So try to pop more and more smiles.

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